Rohan Ghatpande

Rohan Ghatpande

Systems Architect, Tech Lead

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Seasoned Software Developer having great empathy for users and passion for creating delightful, clean and simple user experiences. Currently working on developing next-gen Analytics and Biz Insights platfrom using Google Cloud Tools.

Additionally, I love playing tennis and I am an avid Formula 1 fan.

Work Experience

Sr Software Engineer - iTunes, Apple Inc (May 2015 - Present)

Working on building next generation data platform for effecting reporting, analytics and enabling data science. Core responsibilities include:

  • Design and Build data ingestion systems using Talend to pull data from various data sources like Teradata, Oracle, Hive, Postgres.
  • Build and support a complex data permission model to enable reporting on sensitive data for business.
  • Developing data web services using Django for consumption by various UIs and system users.
  • Working individuals from various areas of business from various areas of business, primarily: Marketing, Operations, Engineering to understand requirements and build data aggregations and visualizations to provide key insights.

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Sr Software Engineer - Motorola Mobility (Feb 2008 - May 2015)

Currently working on building next-gen Device Analytics Platform to provision meaningful insights to the business. Core responsibilities include:

  • Designing and Building systems and tools using Google App engine, Google Bigquery and other components of Google cloud platform to enable "Self-Serve" reporting and drive "data-driven" decision making throughout the company.
  • Working individuals from various areas of business from Software Engineering, Supply Chain to Sales and Go-to-Market to understand there data requirements and build datasets and reports providing key insights by bringing them closer to data.
  • Working closely with Google Incto ensure stability and influence future roadmap components in the Google Cloud platform .

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Software Developer - Bantix Technologies (May 2007 - Dec 2007)

Developed ASP.Net 2.0 web based workflow system for clientele from financial services industry. Provided periodic and on demand reports using SQL reporting services. Developed application specific server controls to reduce development effort and maintain functional consistency across future releases. Implemented and used AJAX control toolkit to provide improve general user experience.

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Business Analyst - Synygy India Pvt Limited (Dec 2005 - July 2006)

As an Associate Business Analyst at Synygy, I worked with members of Synygy's Client Services Department and was involved in the implementation and operations of incentive compensation management solutions for Global 2000 companies.

My primary responsibility was ensuring the accuracy of the information that me and my team produced while maintaining the design and configuration of client’s incentive compensation process.

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Car Mileage Tracker

Car Mileage Tracker 3.0

The Car Mileage application comes with a more robust infrastructure leveraging Google App Engine and responsive web design principles using Twitter Bootstrap. This application uses Oauth2 to authenticate users with a google account. Written using Python for App Engine and Google's Webapp2 framework the UI scales to different screen sizes and devices seamlessly thanks to CSS framework provided by Bootstrap.

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project name

Geolocation api in HTML 5

This is a simple Javascript fiddle to determine current location of the browser using HTML5's geolocation api. Additionally, I use static Google Maps url to map the current location of the browser. Other points of interest are navigator.geolocation.watchPosition() and navigator.geolocation.clearWatch() which can potentially help to implement GPS like functionality especially on the mobile web browser.Check it out!.

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Honors & Awards

BRAVO!!! award - Ron Krozska, Manager, Motorola Mobility (Dec 2014)

Award was presented for working tirelessly to optimize implementation of Google Cloud Platform to build a state of the art Analytics Platform for the business while generating ~10 million in annual savings.

BRAVO!!! award - Steven Scherer, Customer & Teammate, Motorola Mobility (Oct 2012)

Award was presented for going above and beyond to lead a team across 12 releases of Product Stability dashboard providing product and software stability data to product teams which helped reduce predicted field failure rates to achieve in $27M cost savings for Motorola Mobility.

Dean's Honors for Highest Standards in Academic Achievement - Dean, Illinois Institute of Technology (Dec 2007)

Was bestowed with Deans honors for showing exceptional aptitude, drive and expertise in the subject under study keeping a perfect Grade Point Average of 4.0 over the entire academic program.


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